Managed Updates

Our expert engineers will safely update your core files, themes, and plugins weekly.

Weekly updates
Our team updates all of your core files, plugins, and themes in your WordPress site every single week and monitor for problematic updates.
Full summary
Get full transparency into updates, uptime, backups, and traffic. Performance and security are also included if applicable.
Choose what gets updated
Have a legacy theme or plugins? We’ll add them to the no-update list until we find a solution to help you move forward with them.
Safe procedures
We do a manual and automated comparison of your website before and after we perform updates to ensure nothing is negatively impacting the site.
Perfect timing
We’ll make your updates during low-traffic hours to make sure nothing ever goes wrong during prime time or impacts the site performance negatively.
Works with 1 or 1000 sites
Just have a single website? Managing several, or even hundreds, of websites? We can help keep all of your sites updated regularly and securely.

Some of Our Clients

More On Updates

Having our engineers manage your WP updates ensures site safety and security.

Automatic vs. Manual
Automatic updates from Managed WP hosts can be helpful, but they don’t always protect against updates causing unwanted changes on the site or help with resolving plugin conflicts. Having our experts manage your updates each week keeps your site updated in a safe and secure way that is reviewed in real-time.
PHP Updates
Is your site running on an older version of PHP? Our Managed WordPress Updates service could help with updating your site’s PHP version. If you are using a Managed WP host that allows PHP version management, we can perform the updates to your site as part of our monthly maintenance packages.
Available for Custom Sites
If you have a site built with a custom theme or custom plugin, you know that updates can be tricky at times. With our Custom and Custom Pro plans though, you can have our team ensure safe WP updates that run smoothly and work properly alongside your custom themes or plugins on your site.
Comes with 24/7 support
Our team is 24/7 including weekends so if an update goes rogue, we’ll handle it immediately.


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