Managed Backups

Automatic backup services done for you, managed by our experts.

Backup to Cloud
Our team backs up your entire website to our reliable cloud so that even if your server crashes, nothing from your website is ever lost.
Fully automated
We never leave backups to chance. We schedule backups during optimal, low-traffic times to ensure they’re 100% successful.
Comes with 24/7 support
Our WordPress backups come with our team of experts available 24/7 so that if a restoral is needed, we’ll handle it in an emergency.
Up to 4x daily backups
We can backup your website multiple times per day to make sure every change to your site is recorded, captured and available to restore.
US/EU storage choice
With GDPR now in play, we allow all our customers and partners to choose between storing their backups on US or EU servers.
Restorals Handled For You
No need to worry about trying to restore your website yourself! Our team of experts are available to get your site restored in the event of an emergency.
Include what you want
Have only certain files you want to backup but others you don’t want to? Choose exactly which files we send to the cloud and which we don’t touch.
Emergency Site Restorals
In the event your site crashes and needs to restore from a backup, our team has you covered. Emergencies happen, day and night, so our team is there with our Emergency Support services included in the plan.

Some of Our Clients

More on Backups

A team of experts managing your backups and restorals safely and securely.

eCommerce Data Backups
With dynamic sites, like eCommerce, that have changed data every day, you need multiple daily backups to stay up to date. That’s why we offer 4 backups per day.
1-click Restorals
When a restoral is required, we have the ability to restore your website entirely with just 1-click to get your site up and running as quickly as possible.
Server Storage
We use our own storage for backups, plus manage your hosting backups and restore them for you when needed.
30-Day Backup History
Maintain a reliable history of backups with multiple restore points.


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