Who We Are?

We are a professional team with experienced competencies solving a diverse set of WordPress challenges.
The Google Map Business team works 100% remotely from every corner of the planet.

Our Unlimited Support Services Package

Our website support service model is a set of services that we do not separate and provide always in a complex.
As if it were a car, that will not work properly if only its wheels are taken care of and nothing else.

We do not force you to delve into the details and make a choice of which service is needed now for your website.
You purchase a services package that includes everything you need for the proper operation and digital growth of the website and keep taking care of your lovely business, where you are an expert.

Unlimited WordPress support, website edits, and troubleshooting.

Google Map Business is your team that works on, fixing, or editing your WordPress site. No longer do you have to stress about hiring a freelancer or spending hours to get something working or adjusted on your website. With our unlimited support services package, you get a monthly, flat-rate plan that covers unlimited requests of our expert engineering team 24/7.

What’s included?

24/7 emergency WordPress support.

Google Map Business is your round-the-clock support team for monitoring your WordPress website and ensuring it is active or responding in an emergency. With our unlimited support services package, you have our experts look after your site 24/7/365 to cover you and your business when in need of emergency WordPress assistance.

What’s included?

24/7 WordPress Security Service.
Google Map Business is your expert for WordPress security services for any mix of sites. Equip our services on your site to shield against attacks, patch vulnerabilities, and monitor for ongoing and new threats 24/7. With an unlimited support services package, our security services work constantly to have your website and your web data fully protected.

What’s included?

WordPress Update Services.
Google Map Business is your expert for managed WordPress Updates. No longer worry about updates causing errors or conflicts on your site. With an unlimited support services package, our team can fully manage and perform your needed updates safely and keep your site working properly.

What’s included?

WordPress backup and restore service.

Google Map Business is your expert for WordPress backup and restoral services. Having a team that can respond quickly in an emergency to restore your site is crucial. Our unlimited support services package comes with daily backups, paired with emergency support and 24/7 monitoring.

What’s included?

WordPress speed optimization service.

Google Map Business specializes in speed optimization for WordPress sites of all types and sizes. Never worry about a slow load time causing your visitors to leave or Google penalizing your site for poor technical performance again. Our unlimited support services package comes with a speed optimization service that aims to load your website in under two seconds and improve your Core Web Vitals.

What’s included?

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Set your website for digital growth!

Why Google My Business?

Team with experience of over
Website edits & support
Provide our services to over
Free audit of the website in

Work With Us

Check your website and set it up for digital growth!

Work Process 

We collect all available data information about the technologies that your website uses.
The collected data goes through a process of analyzing and identifying key issues to define the best opportunities for digital growth.
Proclaiming the essence of malfunctions or necessary technical work. With an indication of usefulness and clear deadlines for implementation.
Correction of errors in the operation of the website detected during the audit. Providing services as part of the support services package.

We are Available 24/7 and Worldwide for Your Services.

Stop thinking about what kind of support package or maintenance your website needs.
Find out today what you need to fix on your website to set for digital growth!


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